How to resize raid 1 partition

It is a headache for many people who want to resize raid partitions, because RAID array is different with a single hard disk drive. Hardware RAID 1 array is create by two physical hard disk drives with full or part of the disk space, so a RAID partition often called as "virtual" drive. The same with single disk drive, raid virtual drives also runs out of space, especially for system C: drive, because RAID 1 "waste" space of a disk, it is used to install Operating System for fast boot recovery. When low disk space problem occurs, it cannot be better to resize the raid1 partitions, because this is the fastest and easiest way, who can bear wasting days to start from scratch? Then how to resize raid 1 partition? To most of the people who want to resize raid1 partitions, there is a "query" and "worry": Should I break … Continue reading

How to resize RAID 1 partition without reformatting

Why do computer servers, especially Server users need to resize RAID 1 partition? Generally speaking, they need to repartition RAID regularly in order to optimize the usage of their sever computers. A typical example is the system partition on the hardware RAID is running out of space. By traditional method, you have to backup the files, delete the partitions, rebuild the hardware RAID and restore the data again. What a time-consuming task! This article will tell you more about RAID 1 and give you a best solution to resize RAID 1 partition directly and safely. What is RAID 1? RAID 1 – Disk mirroring. Optimized for Redundancy RAID 1 uses mirroring to write data to multiple drives. This means that when you write a file, the file is actually written to two disks. If one of the disks fails, you can simply replace it and rebuild the mirror. The tradeoff … Continue reading