How to resize Windows 2003 partition in VMware workstation or Server?

VMware are so popular with the public since it supports any operations like the really machine. However VMware often encounter the partition size or disk size problem since it is extremely large and it will become larger when installing with operating systems and store files. Can you resize VMware Windows 2003 partitions after you have set the partition? The good news is with Partition Magic Server software you can easily resize Windows 2003 Server partition for physical disk partition or VMware virtual disk partitions without data loss. How to resize Windows 2003 partition in VMware If there is free space in other data partition on the same virtual disk, you just need to shrink the data partition to get some free (Unallocated) space at the end of the system partition, and then you can easily extend the system C drive. If the entire virtual disk is too small and no … Continue reading