How to shrink Windows 2003 Server partition without data loss?

All the sizes of disk partitions or RAID array virtual drives are carefully allocated while building the Windows 2003 Server, however, things are changing and the scheduled size may not always meet your needs, for example: 1. System partition is too small and no free space is left. 2. To manage files more effectively, you need to create more partitions for different usage. 3. A data partition is too small, but you cannot delete it and need to write files into it continuously. Goals to shrink partition in Windows 2003 Server Generally speaking, the goals to shrink partition can be divided into 2 kinds. – Shrink a large partition to create new partitions. – Shrink a partition to extend another partition. You cannot shrink partition under Windows 2003 Server disk management tool, but with Partition Magic Server software, you can easily shrink partition without data loss, fast and easily. How … Continue reading