Optimize and Speedup Your Computer with Advanced System Optimizer

Our personal computers are like fine automobiles—they need preventive maintenance to run efficiently and avoid major breakdowns. You may have the experience that after a while you reinstall the operating system or restore from a backup, your computer runs much slowly. No one wants to reinstall or restore regularly, you have to optimize and speedup the computer, a good system optimizer is useful, by several clicks, the system optimizer will do all the job for you. If you like to optimize the computer by yourself, the following tips can help improve your computer’s performance. Windows system optimizer Clean up disk errors Windows operating system includes a Disk Check program to check and clean any errors on your computer and keep it running smoothly. In your Start menu, click My Computer. In the My Computer dialog box, right-click on the drive you wish to check for errors (for most of us … Continue reading

How to Speed up Windows 7 with free registry cleaner and system optimizer

Windows 7 is coming, thus, we can find the information about Windows 7 is full of the Web these days. The first experience may be that Windows 7 is very fast, even faster than Windows XP, but this may be temporary appearance and you have to maintain your new computer and operating system. Today I would like to show you here why you need to clean up system to speedup your computer and how to use registry cleaner or system optimizer to increase Windows 7 speed. Why we need registry cleaner/system optimizer for Windows 7? As we know, Windows created the registry as a database that stores all the relevant information regarding the configuration, installation and other workings of your system. So does Windows 7. Thus, when we use our computers over and over again, there are many defects lead to the slow speed, blue screen errors, DLL errors etc … Continue reading