Recover Deleted Files by Yourself or Undelete Freeware

Many users want to recover deleted files after deleting some important files mistakenly. If you encountered the same problem, you’ll be anxious and want to undelete files immediately. In fact, it is easy to undelete files. In this article I’ll introduce the method how to recover deleted files yourself or by undelete freeware. Important Notice about recovering deleted files Firstly, please don’t worry, as it is easy to recover deleted files. If you undelete files in haste, the problem may be worse. Don’t write new files to the partition that you deleted files, no matter it is hard disk partition, USB flash drive or digital camera. If the deleted files are in the system partition, don’t reboot computer or install new applications after you deleted files. Why deleted files can be recovered? Windows marks files for deletion and removes them from the file system database when you delete them. This doesn’t … Continue reading