C: drive is full or out of space, what to do?

System C drive is full or running out of free space? Don't worry, this article introduces how to solve this problem. When computer is telling you C: drive is full or you are running out of space, Windows pops up a message of Low Disk Space and telling you to free up disk space, what will you do? To many people, this is annoying, as Most of them don't know how to fix this problem Windows clean up utility cannot free up large amount of space. Windows continue to download updates and ask you to install, but there is no free space in C drive. Windows is running slowly as a snail. Waste a whole day to get GBs free space, but several days later C drive is full again. Don't worry, in this article, I'll give you full answer. To solve this problem, firstly, you should know why C: … Continue reading