Unable to extend C drive

What to do when you can’t/unable to extend c drive in Windows 7?

Solution – cannot extend C drive in Windows 7 Disk Management Many people feedback that they can’t extend C drive in Windows 7 Disk Management. After shrinking drive D, Extend Volume is disabled for C drive, so they cannot extend … Read More

C drive full

Fix C drive full or running out of space in Windows Server 2019.

C drive full or out of space on Windows Server 2019 – solution The same with previous versions, Windows Server 2019 C drive runs out of disk space, too. When C drive is running out of space, you’ll suffer from … Read More

Cannot extend volume

Solution – cannot/unable to extend volume in Windows Server 2019.

Cannot extend volume in Windows Server 2019 Disk Management The same with previous versions,¬†Windows Server 2019 has native Disk Management to create, delete and format partition. It also has the ability to decrease and increase partition size on the fly … Read More

Merge partitions Server 2019

How to merge disk partitions in Windows Server 2019?

Combine disk partitions in Windows Server 2019 If you created too many drives when installing Operating System, you can merge partitions together without reinstalling. When some drives are getting full, you can merge them with other drives to increase free … Read More

Increase partition size

How to repartition hard drive in Windows 10 32/64 bit?

Repartition hard disk drive on Windows 10 No matter you use Windows laptop or desktop, you should manage disk partitions regularly, for example: shrink a drive to extend other one that is running low on disk space, merge two small … Read More

Merge C and D drive

How to merge/combine c and d drive in Windows 10?

Merge C and D or E drive in Windows 10 Many types of files write into both system C drive and data volumes every day, so you need to modify these drives some day. With partition software such as NIUBI … Read More

Merge partitions Server 2019

How to merge partitions & Unallocated space in Windows Server 2008

Merge partitions and Unallocated space in Windows Server 2008 To manage disk partitions and use disk space more efficiently, you need to do many operations, for example: delete an unused partition, format a partition to rebuild file system. Sometimes you … Read More

Shrink Volume server 2008

How to shrink volume in Windows Server 2008 (R2)?

Shrink partition on Windows Server 2008 R2 There is high probability to extend a partition on the server especially for the system C drive, because it is getting full sooner or later. But on the other hand, you need to … Read More