Extend C drive

3 options to extend C drive partition on Windows 10 with detailed steps.

3 options to extend Windows 10 C drive partition ¬†Extend C drive by deleting D Windows 10 Disk Management has built-in Extend Volume functionality which can be used to extend C drive or any data partitions. However, there is precondition: … Read More

Extend partition Win10

How to extend disk partition on Windows 10 without data loss?

4 options to extend Windows 10 partition without data loss When any data partition or system C: drive is getting full in Windows 10, you can extend this partition drive with free space in other one. If there is not … Read More

Shrink volume Win10

How to shrink disk partition on windows 10 without losing data?

2 ways to shrink partition in Windows 10 Shrink partition in Disk Management Sometimes you need to shrink disk partition after installing Windows 10, for example: C drive occupied all disk space, so you need to shrink it to create … Read More

Can't shrink partition Win10

The reason and solution of can’t shrink volume partition in windows 10.

Windows 10 can’t shrink volume partition – solution Why cannot shrink partition in Windows 10 If you fresh installing Windows 10 to a new hard disk but forget to create partitions, you’ll get single C: drive and the system reserved … Read More

Partition manager Windows 10

Best partition manager for Windows 10.

Partition manager for Windows 10 Partition Manager is known as disk partition management software. Windows 10 has its own partition manager – Disk Management snap-in, but it can only create, delete, format partition, set partition Active and change drive letter. … Read More

Increase space Windows 10

How to increase disk space of C drive on windows 10?

Increase C drive disk space on Windows 10 The disk space of all hard drives are allocated while installing Windows, but the free space may exhaust, especially for system C drive. In this situation, it can’t be better if you … Read More

Free partition software

Best free disk partition software for windows 10.

Free partition software for Windows 10 Hard disk is an indispensable component of a computer and all files are saved to it, so you should pay more attention to this device. Disk partition management software is very important and helpful. … Read More

Extend primary partition

How to resize and extend primary partition on Windows 10 safely?

How to resize/extend primary partition on Windows 10 When a hard drive is running low on disk space, you can extend it with free space in other drives of the same disk. However, whether it is possible or safe depends … Read More