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All-in-one Disk Partition Management Toolkit

Innovative Data Protection Technologies

Advanced File-Moving Algorithm

NPE Technician

If you provide IT technical service to your clients and need a powerful disk partition management toolkit, NIUBI Partition Editor Technician Edition is the best choice. It is compatible with Windows Server 2022/2019/2016/2012/2008/2003, Small Business Server 2011/2008/2003 and Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista/XP (32 & 64 bit). Local/removable hard disk drives, VMware/Hyper-V, all types of hardware RAID arrays and USB flash drives are all supported.

NPE Technician Edition is the best cost-effective option for you to provide charged technical services for unlimited individuals and companies regardless of size and locations. One license can be registered on unlimited desktops, laptops, workstations and servers.


System/Data safety and time are most important to both of you and your client. A happy customer means much more.

Why NIUBI Partition Editor

1 Second Rollback

Automatically reverts computer to original status in a flash if any software or hardware issue occur while modify disk partition. Video


If you applied wrong operations, you can cancel the ongoing operations at any progress in a flash without losing data. Video

Bootable Media

Create bootable CD/DVD/USB disc by several clicks.


Virtual Mode

The operations you do will be listed as pending, real disk partition won't be modified until click Apply to confirm. Video

Extremely Fast

Unique file-moving algorithm helps resize and move partition 30% to 300% faster than any other tools.

All-in-One toolkit

Most of your disk and partition management requirement can be fulfilled.

Resize/Move Partition

Resize volume

Resize Partition

What to do when system C: drive or any data volume becomes full, waste a long time to start from scratch? NO! NIUBI Partition Editor helps resize allocated partition easily and safely.

  • Shrink volume and generate Unallocated space on either side.
  • Extend volume by taking free space from other partitions.
  • Advanced technologies to protect system and data.
  • Simply click, drag and drop on the disk map.
  • 30% - 300% faster than ANY other tools.

Move Partition

Drag and drop to move partition with contiguous Unallocated space without data loss.

Merge Partitions

Combine two adjacent partitions into a larger one by several clicks without losing data.

Copy & Convert

Convert Disk Partition

Windows or some applications require specific style of hard disk or partition volume. NIUBI Partition Editor can covert disk and partition without losing data.

  • Convert MBR style hard disk to GPT.
  • Convert NTFS partition to FAT32.
  • Convert Primary partition to Logical.
  • Convert Logical partition to Primary.
  • All by several clicks.


Copy Disk Wizard

File system level fast clone entire disk to migrate Operating System and data.

Copy Volume

Clone single partition to back up data or migrate to another larger disk.

Data Security

Data Security

Erase Data

After you delete files, delete or format a partition, these files are still recoverable by professional tools. NIUBI Partition Editor can completely erase sensitive data to prevent being recovered.

  • Wipe entire hard disk.
  • Wipe single partition.
  • Wipe Unallocated space.
  • Simple and military level algorithm.

Hide Volume

Hide partition from File Explorer to prevent important data from unauthorized accessing. Easily unhide if you want.

Set Read-Only

Set read-only attribute to a hard disk preventing files from unauthorized modification.

Disk Partition Management

Create Volume

Create new partitions with free Unallocated space, much more options than Disk Management.

Format Volume

Format existing partition to use as a new drive. (All files will be lost)

Change Drive Letter

Change alphabet letter of a partition volume such as C, D, E, etc.

Set Active

Specify a partition as Active to boot Windows OS.

Clean Up Disk

This function is used to remove all partitions, un-initialize a disk to use as new.

Delete Volume

Delete entire hard disk or single partition if you don’t want to keep them.

Change Label

Add a new or modify the name of a partition for easier recognition.

View Properties

Check detailed parameters of a disk or partition.

Change Status to Offline

Convert a hard disk to offline status.

Initialize Disk

A new hard disk should be initialized before creating partitions and saving files.

System Optimization


Surface Test

Bad sectors are damaged and lost the ability to write and retrieve data, they can corrupt your saved data as well as slow down your computer. Surface Test can scan single partition or entire disk to check if there are bad sectors.

Check Volume

Check and repair error to ensure file system integrity.


Defrag to improve the partition read and write efficiency.


  • Technician Edition
  • Include Lifetime Free Upgrade
  • Provide service to unlimited organizations and individuals
  • Register and use by 1 technician



  • Technician Edition Ultimate
  • Include Lifetime Free Upgrade
  • Provide service to unlimited organizations and individuals
  • Register and use by unlimited technicians


100% 90-Day money back guarantee, 24/7 live chat support

What Customers Say

Within 20 minutes of using your program the problem was fixed and now my old win7 desktop has enough free space again.

- Mc Johnson (USA)

Over 20 years experience, I know the risk resizing a drive, this is why I selected your editor software, correct decision!

- Michel (UK)

Amazing program, your partition editor prevented disaster on 1 of the servers, it changed the drives the 2nd time in 10 minutes.

- Johnson (Australia)

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