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Microsoft MVPs, VMware vExperts and etc.

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NIUBI provide free Not-For-Resale (NFR) license to many people. If you are IT professional such as Microsoft MVPs, MCPs, MCTS, VMware vExperts, VMware Certified Professionals, VMware Certified Instructors, VMUG members, etc. We can give you free NFR license to activate the trial version, and we appreciate your contribution providing resources and guidance to other people in the community.

If you are a blogger, site editor or software reviewer, we also give you free NFR license to test full functionalities of our product. We appreciate your brilliant and impartial review to your readers.

How to Get a NFR License?

Email us with your full name, company (optional), country, site url or expert profile link and the product edition you want to review.

We will audit all information you send to us in 2 working days.

We will reply to you regardless of whether the information meet our demands or not. If you are qualified, a free license will be attached.

Note: your email address must match your domain or MVP/vExpert profile link. When sending the NFR license request, it indicates that you've read and agree following license terms and conditions.

NIUBI NFR License Terms and Conditions

  1. Free NFR license can only be used on your own computer in a non-production environment, for evaluation, demonstration and training purposes. You may not share, distribute, transfer, assign, sublicense this NFR license to other individuals or organizations.
  2. You should activate trial version with this NFR license within 30 days from receiving the response email from us. After activating this NFR license, there's no expiration date on current computer. From the 31th day, this NFR license will be invalid. If you replaced your computer, please ask for a new license.

NFR license programs are provided AS IS, without any warranty. Because of the particularity of disk partition software, there's potential system, partition, files damage risk, please back up your computer before any operations. We won't compensate if any damage happens, but we'll do our best to help you.