Roll-Back Data Protection

NIUBI Partition Editor Roll-Back Data Protection

Introduction: Built-in Roll-Back Protection technology is able to automatically roll back the computer to the status before resizing in ONE Second, if any software error or hardware issue such as power failure occur during resizing. NIUBI Partition Editor is the ONLY program that can ensure 100% data safety. Operating System and all data always keep intact. It is tremendous innovation in disk management industry.

What does Roll-Back Protection do?

Generally speaking, if power failure or any other hardware issue occurred during partition resizing, especially when executed over 50%, the partition will be damaged and data in this partition will be lost. But it NEVER happen with NIUBI Partition Editor, the Roll-Back protection technology helps roll back the computer to the status before resizing automatically and rapidly. Remember data is most important!

How Roll-Back Protection works?

We’ve strictly tested NIUBI Partition Editor in many real computers and virtual machines. The screen cannot be seen clearly if recording by camera, so we uploaded a video working on VMware. You may purchase any edition to test in your testing computer or virtual machine before installing to the real computer or production server. Remember we have 90-day money back guarantee!

Watch the video… (full screen is recommended)

To compare, see how NIUBI Partition Editor works without power off.


Besides Roll-Back Data Protection, the unique file-moving algorithm of NIUBI Partition Editor helps resize partition 30% – 300% faster than ANY other tools.