1 Second Rollback

Innovative technology to ensure system & data intact

NIUBI Partition Editor 1 Second Rollback

Introduction: 1 Second Rollback is unique protection technology of NIUBI Partition Editor and innovation in disk management industry. It is able to automatically revert computer to original status in a flash if any software error or hardware issue occur while modify disk partitions.

Why this technology is important and useful?

Different with read-only program, disk partition software will modify the parameters of related disk, partition and files, so there is potential system damage and data loss risk. If you did not back up before modifying, you cannot boot Windows and/or lose your precious files if something goes wrong. It costs a long time to restore everything even if you have backup. To a server, it is disaster if it keeping offline for such as long time. With the help of 1 Second Rollback technology, NIUBI Partition Editor can revert the computer/server in a short time like nothing happened.

How 1 Second Rollback works?

After you start NIUBI Partition Editor (NPE), it automatically creates snapshot of the disk partitions, and then it works in virtual mode. That means, you can cancel and redo all pending operations before clicking Apply to execute. Once you click Apply to start modification, the Rollback technology monitors the whole process. If it detects some error that NIUBI cannot handle or any hardware issue such as power failure, it automatically reverts the computer to original status with the snapshot it created.


  • NPE won’t create separate file of snapshot in the disk partition, so you cannot use it as independent recovery tool.
  • 1 Second Rollback only works when it detects any software error or hardware issue, so you won’t see its existence if everything goes well.

Example of 1 Second Rollback

The only way to show you how 1 Second Rollback works is by simulating a hardware issue (power failure), which will 100% triggering NPE rolling back computer/server.

Watch the video… (full screen is recommended)

To compare, see how NIUBI Partition Editor works without power off.