NIUBI Partition Editor Review

Review of NIUBI Partition Editor

Informer 5 Star
Informer 100% clean
The most sensitive operations that NIUBI can perform include resizing, moving, merging, splitting , deleting, erasing, and converting volumes or partitions between file systems. Any of these operations, if not executed wisely and with some basic knowledge of the task in hand, may cause irreparable data loss or make your computer unusable. Luckily, this Professional Edition of NIUBI Partition Editor comes with a life-saving roll-back feature that can bring your computer back to life in just one second by reverting (or should we say “by not applying”) the changes proposed.

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SOFTPEDIA 100% clean
To conclude, NIUBI Partition Editor is an all-in-one disk management solution that boasts enough useful and advanced features, available through various editions, that should come in handy to both day-to-day and professional users.

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 Findmysoft 5 star

Resizing partitions can be done quickly and effortlessly, without any risks, thanks to NIUBI Partition Editor’s smart functionality.

You can resize disk partitions by simply clicking and dragging colored bars. The changes are applied only when you are satisfied. The software can also perform integrity checks, defragment data and carry out other operations.

There are no obvious issues to complain about.

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The NIUBI Partition Editor comes with all the bells and whistles along with the industry standard features that are expected of a partition manager. Its super fast speeds and high-reliability rates make it a compelling choice for anyone who is in the market looking to buy a hell of partition manager without spending a lot of cash from his/her pockets.

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NIUBI Partition Editor is a partition management software for hard drives mounted on your Windows computer. Using the free edition of NIUBI Partition Editor you can perform some of the basic partition related operations like create new partitions, resize the partitions, move the partitions, format partitions, change partitions file system etc. All the operations are performed in a very safe manner so that to avoid data loss of the files already existing on your hard disk drives.

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Testing of Roll-back Data Protection technology

While I was checking out each feature of the tool, I was also doing a crash testing of NIUBI Partition Editor. I started a Resize partition process and when it was at more than 80%, I removed the power cable from the system (no power backup is attached). I tried this at 30% and 50% as well as was able to boot back the system successfully. I tried aborting various operations directly and was able to do those too without having to wait for any process to complete. The software really lives up to its claim.

I am a happy user of NUIBI partition editor and if you are looking for a similar software, I definitely recommend NUIBI over other competitors. With its 1 second Roll-back feature, it is a partition manager to reckon with.

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In conclusion, NIUBI is fast, reliable, jam-packed with features, and entirely free to use for those who own a system with Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, or Vista installed. Some of the biggest brands in the world-including HP, Boeing, IBM, and FedEx-utilize the program, as do countless satisfied customers; NIUBI is the program that’s trusted by all sorts of users and clients.

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Free apps

In general, NIUBI more than covers all the needs when working with hard drives. The intuitive menu, wide functionality, and “error protection” definitely make it one of the most interesting disk managers.

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NIUBI Partition Editor is definitely one of the best Partition Editors available and has features that are missing in any other alternatives available. The best part being it’s  Cancel-at-Will Technology and 1-Second RollBack Data Protection.

NIUBI Partition Editor is a must for those who are handling large Computers and often face Data Corruption and Low Disk Space Issues. The ease, safety, and reliability that you get with NIUBI Partition Editor is really incredible and is worth the amount spent on purchasing the Product.

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NIUBI Partition Editor Free Edition được đánh giá là một trong những phần mềm quản lý phân vùng tốt nhất cho Windows với các tính năng cơ bản như thay đổi kích thước, sao chép, chuyển đổi, tạo, xóa và ẩn phân vùng mà không làm ảnh hưởng đến các dữ liệu. NIUBI Partition Editor Free Edition sử dụng những công nghệ hiện đại giúp tối ưu dung lượng các phân vùng nhanh hơn đến 300 % so với các công cụ khác.

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