Can't shrink C

Solution – cannot/unable to shrink C drive in Windows Server 2008.

Can’t shrink C drive in Windows Server 2008 Disk Management Windows Server 2008 native Disk Management utility has Shrink Volume functionality, which is able to shrink C drive and any data volumes on the fly. However, sometimes it is unable … Read More


How to convert MBR disk to GPT without losing data?

1 step to convert MBR disk to GPT without data loss Nowadays, hard disk size becomes larger and larger, it is common to use 2TB to 4TB HDD for personal computers. To use more than 2TB space, you must convert … Read More

Extend partition Win10

How to extend disk partition on Windows 10 without data loss?

4 options to extend Windows 10 partition without data loss When any data partition or system C: drive is getting full in Windows 10, you can extend this partition drive with free space in other one. If there is not … Read More

Resize hard drive

How to resize hard disk drive on Windows Server 2016?

Resize hard drive on Windows Server 2016 without data loss After running the server for a period of time, you need to resize hard disk drive. The typical example is that system C: drive is getting full, the drives for … Read More

Extend system partition

How to extend system/OS partition on Windows Server 2016?

Extend system partition on Windows Server 2016 Extend system partition with Disk Management Some people like to use Windows native utility,¬†Disk Management snap-in has Extend Volume to increase partition size, but to extend system drive on Windows Server 2016, this … Read More

Cannot extend C

1 step to fix cannot/unable to extend C drive in Windows Server 2016.

Cannot/Unable to extend C drive on Windows Server 2016 Windows Server 2016 provides native Extend Volume functionality in Disk Management to increase size of allocated partition, but many people feedback that they cannot extend C drive after shrinking D or … Read More

Partition manager Windows 10

Best partition manager for Windows 10.

Partition manager for Windows 10 Partition Manager is known as disk partition management software. Windows 10 has its own partition manager – Disk Management snap-in, but it can only create, delete, format partition, set partition Active and change drive letter. … Read More

Partition manager Windows7

Best partition manager for Windows 7 32/64 bit, free download.

Partition manager for Windows 7 Partition manager is a software or utility that helps manage hard disk partitions. Windows 7 has native Disk Management which can help you create, delete, format and set Active partition. If you want to do … Read More