Resize system partition

How to resize system C drive partition on Windows Server 2008?

Resize system partition (C drive) on Windows Server 2008 Resize system partition with Disk Management Windows Server 2008 has built-in Shrink and Extend Volume functionalities in Disk Management, with which you can resize system partition and any data volumes without … Read More

Resize C drive

How to resize C drive partition on Windows 10?

Resize C drive on Windows 10 without reinstalling Resize C drive with Disk Management The same with previous versions, Windows 10 has native Disk Management utility to resize C drive or any data partitions. The built-in Shrink Volume functionality can … Read More

Resize hard drive

How to resize hard disk drive on Windows Server 2016?

Resize hard drive on Windows Server 2016 without data loss After running the server for a period of time, you need to resize hard disk drive. The typical example is that system C: drive is getting full, the drives for … Read More