Drag your common-used application, file, folders to shortcut manager

Still have a fit that there is no enough space on your Quick Launch Bar, Task Bar? Are you upset that too many files and shorts on your desktop, but you cannot delete them all, as you have to use regularly? Still worry about data loss on desktop when reinstalling Windows? Don’t worry again. Download HDShortcutter to manage all your shortcuts, applications, files, folders or anything else. HDShortcutter With this shortcut manager, you can close the application, file or folders and re-open them quickly. Your Quick Launch Bar, Task Bar will keep clean all the time. Just drag your common-used application, file, folders and anything else to this shortcut manager, then you can open the application, file, folders very quickly, easily switch, open, close. You can save anything to data partition and add the shortcuts to this shortcut manager and reduce the risk of data losing on your desktop when … Continue reading