Partition manager Server 2016

Best disk partition manager for Windows Server 2016.

Disk partition manager for Windows Server 2016 The safest server partition manager Unlike read-only program, partition manager software will change the parameters of related disk partition, furthermore, all files in related partition must be moved to new locations when resizing … Read More

Increase space Windows 10

How to increase disk space of C drive on windows 10?

Increase C drive disk space on Windows 10 The disk space of all hard drives are allocated while installing Windows, but the free space may exhaust, especially for system C drive. In this situation, it can’t be better if you … Read More

Extend partition Windows 7

How to extend hard drive partition on Windows 7?

Extend hard drive/partition on Windows 7 Windows 10 has been released for a long time, but many people still use Windows 7, because Windows 7 is much better than previous Windows XP and Vista, and there seems to be no … Read More

Partition Editor

How to add space to c drive in windows 7 without reinstalling?

Add disk space to C drive in Windows 7 All disk partitions are allocated while installing Operating System, but you can re-size the partitioned drives when they are running out of disk space. This is the best way to reallocate … Read More

Add space to C

How to add disk space to c drive in Windows Server 2019?

Add space to C drive in Windows Server 2019 It can’t be better if you can add more disk space to C drive when it is getting full, otherwise, you have to recreate partitions and restore everything. In that case, … Read More

Merge Unallocated space

How to move & merge unallocated space in Windows Server 2019?

Move and merge Unallocated space in Windows Server 2019 Unallocated space is part of disk space that is not allocated to any drives. In Windows Server 2019 native Disk Management snap-in, you can create new volumes with Unallocated space. You … Read More

Shrink partition

How to shrink volume partition in Windows Server 2019?

This page shows how to shrink volume in Windows Server 2019. Windows Disk Management has the ability to shrink system partition and decrease data drive. But because of many limitations, partition software is better choice to shrink partition on Windows Server 2019, learn full solution. … Read More

Add space to C

How to transfer/move free space from d to c in Windows 10?

Move/transfer free space from D to C in Windows 10 Many Windows 10 users feedback the similar issue that C drive is full even if they create it as large as 50GB. It is easy to understand, many types of … Read More