Resize partition

How to resize partition on Windows Server 2008 safely?

2 ways to resize disk partition in Windows Server 2008 Hard disk is¬†indispensable component of a server, no matter you use physical disks or RAID array virtual drive. To use disk space more efficiently, it is better to create several … Read More

Extend C drive

How to resize partition on Windows 2008 Server?

This page introduces how to resize volume on Windows Server 2008 R2. NIUBI Partition Editor can resize Server 2008 partition 100% safely. It is also the fastest partition software that saves 30% to 300% time than other tools. Learn more about partition resizing for Server 2008. … Read More

How to resize Server 2008 partitions with ease?

It is indeed a headache for most of the server administrators to resize server 2008 partitions, especially for Windows Server 2008 R2, as it is 64-bit. Many people ask me if there is an easy and safe way resizing server … Read More

Resize partition server 2003/2008/2011

Many people have trouble resizing a partition in Windows Server platform, so in this article I want to introduce how to resize Windows Server partitions without starting over or losing any data. Most of the "tutorials" in other places just … Read More

How to resize Server 2008 partition with ease?

Due to more and more applications installed to the system partition, when the system C: drive running out of space, the Server computer will be fighting for the precious space and will run much slowly. System maybe crash if there … Read More