How to Set Up LAN Network Sharing Folder in Windows 7?

As hardware price becomes cheaper and cheaper, more and more home users manage several computers now, especially after Microsoft released Windows 7. Few people give up the old computers immediately. I still remember that after Windows XP released for a long time, many people still use Windows 98 to play games. The common problem to manage several computers is how to connect and transfer files among these computers. What will you do if you want to transfer files from one LAN computer to another? Maybe you may consider methods below. 1. Copy to removable storage device and paste to the target computer. 2. Connect two computers directly with cross wire. 3. Transfer with some Instant Messenger. Either method 1 or 2 is inconvenient, no one want to connect and disconnect the computers for trifles frequently. If you want to transfer large amount of files, you have to use external hard … Continue reading

Transfer Data with Free Data Transfer Software

Transfer Data with Free Data Transfer Software Are you looking for full-featured, easy-to-use and free data transfer software that will allow you to migrate data from an old/small PC to another new/larger PC quickly and easily? When a person acquires a new computer, they are challenged with the fact that they must transfer the files from their old computer to their new one. There are a variety of ways to do this, each with their own benefits and capabilities. The average user does not know how to transfer data from one computer to another. They may lack of experience of free data transfer utility. That is why a variety of software applications have been developed to assist in migrating data from one PC to another. Most people when it comes to transferring data from one computer to the next just want the simplest option out there. They are willing to … Continue reading

Upgrade Hard Disk to a Larger One for Windows 7

Windows 7 comes out Windows 7 is the latest operating system released by Microsoft® for use on PCs, including home and business desktops, laptops, notebooks, tablet PCs and media center PCs with six different editions to bring more powerful and new features to their users. Why not have a try now? Windows 7 advantages let users choose to see fewer alerts and warnings from their computers significant design changes to the way windows and icons look and to where certain features and functions are stashed in the system OS will use “jumplists”, a quick way or organizing recently used files, Web sites or often-used program features The concept called “libraries” also appeared, one which will allow users to find similar files from a single PC, an external hard drive and even other PCs on a home network, and then display them together in a single folder more support for gestures … Continue reading