How to change Windows 2008 Server partition size without losing data?

Change Server 2008 partition size All the size of partitions on Windows Server 2008 are carefully allocated while building the Server. However, things are changing and the scheduled size may not always meet your needs, especially for the System partition, as Windows continues to download large updates or any other reasons. When there is little free space in the system partition, Windows pop up an alert about Low Disk Space as below: You'd better fix this problem as fast as possible, the eariler and the better, as no one wants to see the System crash, in that case, you have to start over and keep the Server under downtime for a long time. It is much better if there is a way to change Windows 2008 partition size without data loss. Now there is an awards-winning Server partition manager that can help you change Windows 2008 partition size without deleting … Continue reading