How to Set Up LAN Network Sharing Folder in Windows 7?

As hardware price becomes cheaper and cheaper, more and more home users manage several computers now, especially after Microsoft released Windows 7. Few people give up the old computers immediately. I still remember that after Windows XP released for a long time, many people still use Windows 98 to play games. The common problem to manage several computers is how to connect and transfer files among these computers. What will you do if you want to transfer files from one LAN computer to another? Maybe you may consider methods below. 1. Copy to removable storage device and paste to the target computer. 2. Connect two computers directly with cross wire. 3. Transfer with some Instant Messenger. Either method 1 or 2 is inconvenient, no one want to connect and disconnect the computers for trifles frequently. If you want to transfer large amount of files, you have to use external hard … Continue reading