Extend C Drive on Windows Server 2003 with Partition Magic Server

When Windows Server 2003 system C drive is running out of disk space, the fast and easy way is by resizing partitions and extend the C drive. So in this article, I want to give some hints how to extend system C: drive in Windows 2003 Server. To extend Server 2003 C drive, there are several ways. How to extend C drive in Windows 2003 Server? 1. Backup and restore This is the traditional method. You have to back up the system partition and all files, after that, delete all partition, recreate larger system partition, restore the operating system and files. Few people like to use the method, as it is time-consuming and large storage device required to store the backup files. 2. Windows 2003 extend c drive with Diskpart command Diskpart is Windows built-in utility runs from command prompt. For many users, to extend c drive on Server 2003 … Continue reading