How to merge partitions in Windows Server 2008?

Running Windows Server 2008 for a period, you need to change partition size, for example, C drive is running out of space and "Low Disk Space" warning pops up, to fix this issue fast and easily, you may resize partitions or merge drive C and D together. This article introduces how to merge partitions in Windows Server 2008 (R2). Benefits Within several minutes and steps you can merge partition in Windows 2008 Server without doing anything else. Steps 1. Install this app to your server or create and boot from bootable CD/DVD/USB disc. 2. Launch this tool and check your disk partitions, select the partitions and merge. 3. Click "Apply" button on top left corner to proceed. Tips 1. Only 2 continuous partitions can be merged. In the video, if you select drive D to merge, drive C and E are available, but if you select drive E, only D … Continue reading

Merge partitions in Windows Server 2003, 2008.

Many people want to merge two partitions when a drive running out of space, especially for Windows Server system C drive. By merging partitions, system C: drive get the free space from another data drive, such as volume D. It is indeed possible to merge partitions in Windows Server 2003, 2008 both 32 and 64 bit, of course without losing data. How to merge partitions in Windows Server 2003? How to merge Server 2008 partitions? However, it is not the best choice to fix server "Low Disk Space" by merging partitions, because: If you merge partition D: to drive C, partition D is lost though all files exist in "new" drive C. All shortcuts of server services and applications to drive D: become invalid. The best solution is extending the system C: drive by shrinking a data drive, so no partition lost, no other operations, no further problems. How to … Continue reading