Why extend partition on Windows Server?

Many Server people encountered the problem that the partition run out of space, especially the system C drive. A Server should run 24*7, so no one wants to delete the partitions, recreate larger partition and reinstall Windows as the solution Microsoft explains. No one wants to waste the whole happy weekend to rebuild the Server. The best solution is to extend the Server partition. Generally, you’ll complete the work within several minutes. With some Server partition software, you can extend NTFS system partition without reboot computer. It saves much time and money.

How to extend Windows Server partition?

There are many Server partition software in the market, which can help you extend partition on Windows Server, for example, Acronis Disk Director, Paragon Partition Manager, EASEUS Partition Master, Partition Wizard, Partition Assistant, etc. Acronis Disk Director and Partition Wizard provide “Resize” and “Merge” feature to extend Server partition.

With “Resize” feature, you can shrink a data partition, get some unallocated space, and then extend the Server system partition. Detailed guide to resize Server partition…

“Merge” feature helps you merge the system partition and a data partition in one step. Detailed guide to merge Server partition…

No matter which way you try to extend the Server partition, remember to backup the system and important files.

Though the operations to extend Windows Server partition is not difficult, many new users are still not familiar with these operations, so it is better if there is a guide. In this guide, I’ll introduce the easiest way to extend Windows Server partition with “Extend Partition Wizard” of Partition Assistant Server.

Extend Partition Wizard to extend Server partition

Step1: Launch Partition Assistant and click “Wizard” > “Extend Partition Wizard”.

Step2: In the pop-up window, choose the first option “Extend system partition”.

Extend system partition

Step3: In the next window, you’ll see the welcome message, here you have two choices.

Extend partition

  • Just click Next
  • Tick “Automatical Mode for extending a partition” at lower left quarter and click Next

The difference between these two choices is that by first choice, you need to select data partition manually (one or more) to shrink and extend the system partition.

Continue reading the next steps to extend partition on Windows Server

As I mentioned above, there are many Server partition software in the market, you’d better get more details of each one and choose the one you like it, compare these Server partition tools

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