When talking about resizing partitions, many people know Partition Magic, yes, Norton partition magic is a great program, as the first and most famous partitioning software, it is widely used. What a pity, on October, 2011, Symantec officially stated they no longer offer Norton Partition Magic.

Many people don't know about this, so when resize a Windows Server 2003 disk partition, they still try to find "partition magic server 2003", "partition magic for server 2003", etc. Of course there is no satisfied result from Symantec.

Actually, Symantec Partition Magic isn't compatible with Windows Server 2003 and later editions. To resize server 2003 volumes, you need partition magic alternative, such as Aomei Partition Assistant Server edition, which is similar with but much powerful than Partition Magic.

The benefit of partition magic server software

Though, Windows Server 2008 has been released for such a long time, most companies still run Windows Server 2003. The typical disk partition problem on 2003 Server is that the system partition running out of space. To fix the issue, the traditional method is backing up the system and files, recreating larger system partition and then restoring. How annoying and time-consuming it is, nobody likes to waste whole happy weekend starting from scratch, furthermore, there is potential risk of losing data.

With partition magic software for server 2003, you can resize the partitions directly without losing data or doing anything else. Besides resizing server 2003 disk partition, you can do many things else to better manage disk partition and improve server performance.

How to choose a partition magic software for Server 2003?

In the market the common partitioning application that is similar with Partition Magic includes: Acronis DDS, Easeus PM, Paragon PM, Aomei Partition Assistant. Different people have different choice, but as a server administrator, you have to consider the data protecting ability, features, price, support and customer service, etc.

To a server, data security is most important, so you'd better select a reliable partitioning utility, nobody likes to see data loss or system failure after resizing the server 2003 partitions. Here I high recommend Aomei Partition Assistant, reason includes:

  1. Unique enhanced data protecting technology keeps your data intact while resizing partitions.
  2. Disk & partition copy wizard, Partition copy Wizard to ensure data safety.
  3. Hot Resize technology helps you resize data drives and extend NTFS system volume without rebooting.
  4. You can create and boot from WinPE bootable CD or USB disk.

In my opinion, it is not a partition resizer, but a must-have toolkit for Windows Server 2003, 2008 and Small Business Servers.

How to resize server 2003 disk partitions?

In fact, the steps to resize server 2003 partition are similar with other editions, because the disk partition layout in different servers can not be the same, I suggest you open your disk management and select the corresponding method to resize server partitions. The task to resize server 2003 partition becomes easier if you select proper method.

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