Shrink partition

How to shrink volume partition in Windows Server 2019?

This page shows how to shrink volume in Windows Server 2019. Windows Disk Management has the ability to shrink system partition and decrease data drive. But because of many limitations, partition software is better choice to shrink partition on Windows Server 2019, learn full solution. … Read More

Shrink volume

How to shrink volume for Windows without losing data?

How to Shrink Volume on Windows PC and Server? In some situations, you need to shrink a partitioned drive, for example, forget to create and edit partition when installing Operating System to a new hard disk, so C drive occupied … Read More

Shrink volume

How to shrink volume and decrease C drive in Windows 7?

This article introduces why you cannot shrink volume and how to shrink C drive in Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit). If you can only shrink little space for C drive, try the best free partition manager software – NIUBI Partition Editor Free. … Read More