How to Compress Files with Windows File Compression Utility?

Many people may recall WinRAR or WinZip when talking about file compression and how to compress files. Yes these file compression software are widely used. In fact many people use these file compression software to compress files before transferring them to other place. Few people compress files in local computer, as it is inconvenient to compress and decompress when using the files. Though the hard drives nowadays are larger and larger, it seems that you need not to pay attention to the disk space. You have to face to the fact that the applications, game files, movies and other files are become larger and larger, they consume your hard disk space very quickly. You really need to compress files and save more space, especially for the old files. As I said it is inconvenient to compress old files with WinRAR or WinZip, is there other better ways to compress files? … Continue reading

Disable Startup and Remove Startup Record

Many computer users have this experience that after you install an application, it will start automatically when Windows boot. Bothersome, to make users run their software more often, the vendors think up so bad trick, as more startup records will cause Windows start much slower. How to disable startup and remove startup record? Some Windows optimize software has this feature, but I do not like this, as this problem can be easily solved by ourselves without any third party tools. It is not a good idea to install many applications in your computer. Steps to disable startup 1. Click Start > Run and input “msconfig”, and then press Enter. For Windows 7 users, just click Start and input the same command. You may also press the shortcut keys “Windows & R” for all Windows editions. 2. Switch to Startup tab from General, you will find the startup applications. 3. Just … Continue reading

10 Ways to Speed Up Computer

Many computer users have this experience that the computer become slower and slower, especially when starting up. You may also find that the system taking more time to respond to a user’s actions like opening files, folders, surfing the Internet and other tasks. So the first thing you are thinking is how to speed up computer and improve the computer’s performance. Yes, the speed of computers with Microsoft Windows can decrease, so I collected 10 ways to speed up computer, with these methods, you can make your computer faster. 10 Ways to Speed Up Computer’s Performance 1. Check Physical Error and Bad Sectors Though this problem is not common as others, you’d better check in turn. That is hardware to software, external to internal. As you cannot open the hard drive to see what occurred, you may do like this: Hear the computer and hard drive, whether there is loud … Continue reading

How to change cluster size without reformatting?

All file systems that Windows XP uses to organize the hard disk are based on cluster (allocation unit) size, which represents the smallest amount of disk space that can be allocated to hold a file. The smaller the cluster size, the more efficiently your disk stores information. If you do not specify a cluster size for formatting, Windows XP Disk Management bases the cluster size on the size of the volume. Windows XP uses default values if you format a volume as NTFS by either of the following methods: By using the format command from the command line without specifying a cluster size. By formatting a volume in Disk Management without changing the Allocation Unit Size from Default in the Format dialog box. The following table shows the default cluster size for NTFS when Windows XP uses formatting. Default cluster size for FAT file system. These sizes apply to any … Continue reading

How to Speed up Windows 7 with free registry cleaner and system optimizer

Windows 7 is coming, thus, we can find the information about Windows 7 is full of the Web these days. The first experience may be that Windows 7 is very fast, even faster than Windows XP, but this may be temporary appearance and you have to maintain your new computer and operating system. Today I would like to show you here why you need to clean up system to speedup your computer and how to use registry cleaner or system optimizer to increase Windows 7 speed. Why we need registry cleaner/system optimizer for Windows 7? As we know, Windows created the registry as a database that stores all the relevant information regarding the configuration, installation and other workings of your system. So does Windows 7. Thus, when we use our computers over and over again, there are many defects lead to the slow speed, blue screen errors, DLL errors etc … Continue reading