When you purchase a “new” hard drive, you’d better check how long it has been used, especially if you purchase online, like eBay. Then how to determine the hard drive working time?

Two ways to determine the hard drive working time

1. By data recovery software

We have discussed before in Data Security category, even if you deleted files or format the partitions, the files still can be recovered by data recovery software, where we have introduced free data erase software.

Some users who want to sells hard drive, especially those people who recycle the old hard drive, Packing again and sell as new. They may format the partitions, as no one want to see files on his “new” drive. So when you get the hard drive, you’d better scan the drive again, if you found files on the drives, of course it means that your hard drive is no longer new. Then you may refer the free data recoverysoftware or the commercial ones.

Unfortunately, this method is useful if the vendors are negligent or they don’t have this knowledge. More and more people know this “tricks” now, so this method is not reliable.

2. By hard drive diagnostics software or HDD monitor software

By hard drive diagnostics software or HDD monitor software you can monitor your hard drive health. Some software provides this feature to determine the hard drive using time by read SMART.

Below is the common used tools:

HDDlife Pro

HDDlife Pro
HDDlife Pro


Custom sensor polling intervals
AnywhereView technology
Displaying the temperature of your hard drives
Constantly monitoring the state of your hard drives in the background mode
Skinnable drive icons
JustNow! technology
Sends alerts through email or network

More information, refer hard drive health monitor



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