Have trouble resizing partition or extending SBS 2008 system C: drive? Don't worry, in this article I'll introduce how to resize SBS 2008 system partition with ease.

Actually, there is no difference resize a SBS 2008 partition comparing with Windows Server 2008 normal editions, because file system and disk partition structure in Small Business Server is the same.

It is easy to extend SBS 2008 system C drive with partition magic software. Shrink a data drive to release free Unallocated space and then add the free space to system volume, so no need to start from scratch. However, you should select a safe and reliable partition software, because disk partition parameters will be changed during partition resizing, an unreliable partitioning utility may cause data loss or system failure.

After selecting a tool, don't resize partitions immediately, I suggest you open SBS 2008 Disk Management and find out the disk partition layout. Note, no partitioning utility is able to extend system c drive by taking free space from another single disk.

SBS2008 disk management

From this screen shot, there are 2 data drives in the same disk of system C drive, in this situation, it is easy to extend the SBS 2008 C drive. If there is no data volume, you need to copy this physical disk or RAID array to another larger one, and then extend the system C drive with extra space in the larger drive.

For detailed steps how to resize partition and extend SBS 2008 C drive, refer another article how to resize SBS 2008 partitions