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Resize Windows Server partition without data loss

This page introduces how to resize partition in Windows Server 2016/2012/2008/2003 (R2) without losing data. NIUBI Partition Editor is the only software that can ensure 100% data safety while resizing Windows Server partition.

Resize server partition

Today’s hard drive is much cheaper, so the disk capacity becomes much bigger, but no matter how big your hard drive is, you’ll be amazed how quickly application installs, browser caches, and temporary files eating up your free space and clutter your system. On a Windows Server, it is also a common issue that system C: drive running out of space. In this situation, the Server computer will be fighting for the precious space and running much slower. System maybe crash if C drive is full.

What will you do in this situation? To start over is a solution but longer downtime means more loss and no one would like to waste their happy weekend to do it. The most time-saving and easy way is to resize Windows Server partition with reliable Server partition software. That is to say, shrink other data partition and get some free space and then add into C drive, then how to resize Windows Server partition without losing data?

Resize Windows Server volume with safe tool

For many Server administrators, it is not an easy task to resize disk drive on Windows Server, because data is so important, nobody can do this at will without a reliable and safe utility. Searching by Google and you’ll see some cases of data losing caused by unreliable partitioning software.

Different read-only program, partitioning software will modify parameters of disk, partition, files and system, it also move all files in a volume in some condition, so a slight error or any matter that cannot be handled, it would destroy data, damage system and partitions. Now, there is a fantastic and safe tool to ensure 100% safety – NIUBI Partition Editor.

Based on the unique Roll-Back protection technology, NIUBI Partition Editor can automatically roll back the server to the status before resizing in one second, if any software error or hardware issue occurred while resizing server volume. So you don’t need to worry about data safety any longer. Because of its unique file-moving algorithm, it is also 30% – 300% faster than other partition resizing software.

NIUBI Partition Editor Server is an ALL-IN-ONE disk management toolkit for Windows Server 2016/2012/2008/2003 and SBS 2011/2008/2003. It provides basic partition management to create, delete, format partition, change drive letter, etc. Advanced management to resize/move existing partition without data loss, copy, hide, set active, convert, defrag, check partition and much more.

How to resize partition on Windows Server?

It is extremely easy to resize Windows Server partitions. With the absolutely user-friendly interface, the functions are easy to get access to, you just need to drag and move on the disk map to resize partitions.

For example resizing partition in Windows Server 2008:

Step 1Download NIUBI Partition Editor Server, right click D drive and select “Resize/Move Volume“.

Resize volume

In the pop-up window, drag left border rightwards to shrink it.

Shrink D

Click OK and back to the main window, 20GB Unallocated space generated behind C drive, which is shrank from D.

Unallocated space

Step 2: Right click C drive and select “Resize/Move Volume” again. In the pop-up window, drag the right border rightwards to hold the Unallocated space.

Drag to resize

Step 3: C drive is extended in virtual mode, click Apply on top left to execute, done. (all operations before clicking Apply work in virtual mode, you can cancel and redo any steps.)

Partition resized

If there is not enough free space in the adjacent volume D, or want to resize partition on other Windows Server, watch the video:

Video guide to resize server partition.

Benefits to resize Server partition with NIUBI Partition Editor

  • Unique and powerful Roll-Back technology to ensure 100% system and data safety.
  • Hot Resize – Extend NTFS system partition without rebooting.
  • At least 30% faster than other tools to save much time.
  • Easy to use & user-friendly interface
  • All types of hardware RAID and VMware/Hyper-V supported.
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If you manger many servers, NPE Enterprise Edition is the best choice, which can be installed on unlimited PCs and Servers to save time an cost.