How to Fix Partition Table and Repair Partition?

During the computer use, you may encounter some errors of hard disk or partitions. Some of the errors are caused by physical problem and some caused by “software error”. If you need more advice about hard disk repair, please refer another article Hard Disk Repair. Today, I want to talk about partition repair and how to fix partition problem. Common partition errors Invalid media type reading drive. Abort, Retry, Fail? File system is displayed as RAW. Windows may ask if you want to format the drive. File names contain weird characters. Sector Not Found messages. Did you see or hear these error messages before? If you did, how you fixed these partition errors? What caused partition error? Error connections, especially for external hard drives, if the connection is correct, it may cause the problem and you cannot access the partition again. Insufficient power supply, also common for external drives. Virus, … Continue reading

Hard disk repair – how to repair hard disk.

General speaking, Hard Disk Repair related to many scenarios, for example, disk cannot be detected, partition cannot be accessed, computer fails to boot, Windows fails to read and write files, etc. These problem caused by different reasons, so to give a complete solution is very hard. To repair hard disk, you may try the following steps: 1. If partitions lost from My Computer, you’d better check in Disk Management (Right click My Computer > Manage > Storage > Disk Management). If the disk is there and all partition information are correct, the only problem is that there is no drive letter for the partition, then right click this partition and assign a drive letter. If the disk disappears, then enter BIOS to check, different computers have different shortcut key. Reboot your computer and press Del+Ctrl+Alt, F1, ESC or others. If there is no such disk in BIOS, it means your … Continue reading

Why/When/How do HDD low level format?

We have discussed the difference between full format and quick format, today we’ll talk about hdd low level format. What is low level format? Low-level formatting is the process of outlining the positions of the tracks and sectors on the hard disk, and writing the control structures that define where the tracks and sectors are. This is often called a “true” formatting operation, because it really creates the physical format that defines where the data is stored on the disk. The first time that a low-level format (“LLF”) is performed on a hard disk, the disk’s platters start out empty. That’s the last time the platters will be empty for the life of the drive. If an LLF is done on a disk with data on it already, the data is permanently erased (save heroic data recovery measures which are sometimes possible). More about low level format User instigated low-level … Continue reading

Difference between Full Format and Quick Format

Why you need to format partitions? As you know, Windows provides two ways to format a partition, Full Format and Quick Format. Many applications provide partition format feature, too, especially, partition magic software. Why you need to format partitions? Different people may give different answers, but normally, it was used to delete all files of a partition or reconstruct the file structures. Many people don’t know the difference between full format and quick format, so we’ll discuss the difference in this article. What is the difference between full format and quick format? When you choose to run a Full format on a volume, files are removed from the volume that you are formatting and the hard disk is scanned for bad sectors. The scan for bad sectors is the reason why the Full format takes twice as long as the Quick format. If you choose the Quick format option, the … Continue reading

Fix boot sector of FAT16/FAT32/NTFS partitions

Many computer users had this problem that when they open a partition, Windows prompt that this partition is corrupted and needs to be reformat, especially when you open the external hard disk. If you allow to format the partition, the files of this partition will be lost. This article introduces a method to fix the partition table problem and re-open the partition. Compare to data recovery software, this method helps you solve problem much quickly. Please remember that do not format this partition. Basic knowledge of Boot Sector The first sector of partition is also known as the Boot Sector. What the MBR is for entire drive, that the Boot Sector is the first sector of an individual partition, like the MBR, the Boot Sector contains information that the system needs to locate the materials that are needed to start the operating system. A corrupt or missing Boot Sector is … Continue reading