Help Us Translate NIUBI Partition Editor to Your Local Language

Currently, NIUBI Partition Editor has English, German, French, Finish, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Czech, Croatian, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic, Polish, Korean, Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Norwegian, Russian, Slovenian, Swedish, Hungarian, Turkish, Bulgarian, Hebrew, Greek, Ukrainian and Romanian version. We kindly invite all volunteers to help us translate this program to more native languages. In this way, all worldwide users can enjoy localized NIUBI software. To appreciate for your time and effort, we will:

Our Finish, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian and Russian versions are helped by Google Translator. Therefore, they are not so accurate. We also invite volunteers to help translate these languages. The same product license will be presented and your name will be listed on the thanks page, too.

How to translate?

  1. Download the language file and rename it with your own language name.
  2. Open it and translate all English texts.
  3. When your translation is completed, please send the file to [email protected]


  • Don't remove or change the number in each row.
  • Please translate text only, do not translate "%d", "\t", "%s", "%I64d", etc.
  • The translation file should be saved in Unicode format.
  • By sending us your translation, you agree NIUBI Technology is authorized to commercially use your translation. We won't leak any of your privacy to others.
  • Your translation may not be entirely adopted. The final adopted translation may be composed of several translations from different translators and modified by NIUBI.

Thank you!