Merge partitions Win7

How to merge partitions in windows 7 without data loss?

Merge partitions in Windows 7 If you want to combine two data volumes, either Windows 7 native Disk Management or 3rd-party partitioning software can help you. But if you want to combine C and D drive, it is not a … Read More

Shrink D extend C

How to shrink D and extend C drive without losing data?

How to shrink volume D to extend C without losing data? In most of Windows computers, if you did not create a large C: drive and optimize it regularly, you’ll encounter the problem that system C: drive is running out … Read More

Extend C drive

How to extend c drive in Windows without losing data?

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Merge C and D drive

How to merge C and D drive in Windows Server and PC?

Guide to Merge C and D Drive in Windows Server and PC Hard disk drive is an indispensable component for both Windows server and personal computer. To use the disk space more efficiently, you have to do many operations such … Read More

Merge partitions

How to merge partitions and combine hard drives?

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Cannot extend volume

How to fix extend volume greyed out in Disk Management?

Solution of Extend Volume Grayed out This article explains why Extend Volume option grayed out in Disk Management and how to fix extend volume greyed out in Windows 10/8/7 and Server 2019/2016/2012/2008. About Extend Volume functionality In old Windows XP … Read More

Low Disk Space alert

How to fix Low Disk Space error in Windows PC and Server?

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Extend Volume disabled

How to enable extend volume option in disk management?

How to enable extend volume option in disk management? In Windows XP and Server 2003, if a data volume or the system C drive is running out of space, you have to reinstall Operating System and recreate volumes, because the … Read More