Windows Server 2008 low disk space? System C drive running out of space on your 2008 Server? Don't worry, in this article, I'll introduce how to solve Server 2008 "Low Disk Space" problem fast and easily.

Windows Server 2008 low disk space alert

Many computer users have encountered the problem that system C drive running out of space and Windows pop up a window with "Low Disk Space" alert. This is the most common problem in Windows 2008 Server.

2008 low disk space

When this low disk space alert pops up, you'd better fix this problem as fast as possible, as it will cause many problem, such as: 1. System runs much slower. 2. You cannot install Windows updates and any applications any longer. 3. System reboot or crash if there is little free disk space.

How to solve Server 2008 low disk space problem

1. Clean up the hard disk drive.

You may run the Disk Cleanup function by clicking the "Low Disk Space" alert or right-clicking this partition. This tool will scan your drives and look for files that you can safely erase. It costs a long time to free up space in Windows 2008 Server.

2. Remove programs.

You can consider removing programs that you don't use and moving large media files (videos, music, graphics) to other partition.

After the steps above, you'll get some free space and solve this urgent problem temporarily. If c drive is small, you'd better extend it, otherwise, you'll see this low disk space warning very quickly.

3. Extend partition under Windows 2008 Disk Managment or by third party Server partition software. The benefit is easy, fast and permanently to remove low disk space warning. As Windows 2008 Server Disk Management has many disadvantages and it is insufficient to resize or extend partition, I suggest resize partitions and extend c drive with 3rd party professional partitioning utility for Windows Server.

Refer another article how to resize server 2008 disk partitions.

Benefits of Partition Magic Server software

  • Fix Windows 2008 Server low disk space fast, safely and permanently.
  • Enhanced data protection technology helps you resize, merge partition without data loss.
  • Hot Resize feature helps you extend NTFS partition without reboot to suspend Server running.
  • Disk and partition copy feature helps you backup data or migrate to another disk without reinstalling Windows.
  • Changes made on partitions can be previewed before applying to the hard disk.
  • With user-friendly interface, no professional assistance or experience in using Partition Magic is required.
  • full features and benefits

With Partition Magic Server, you can easily resize or extend the system partition and solve Windows 2008 Server low disk space problem without deleting or formatting, all files and shortcuts keep the same and no other operations are required.

Solve Server 2008 Low Disk Space Problem fast and easily
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