Disk Partition Software for Windows Server

by Andy, Updated on: April 2, 2020

This article introduces Windows built-in disk partition manager and the best partition software for Windows Server 2003/2008/2011/2012/2016/2019.

Disk partition management software is very useful to a server, it helps initialize brand new disk, create and format partition to save files, resize allocated partition to optimize disk space without losing data, fix file system error and defrag partition to improve server performance, copy disk partition to migrate OS and data, convert disk partition type, etc. In this article, I'll introduce both Windows native and third party server partition software for Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2011, 2008, 2003 (R2).

Built-in Windows Server disk partition manager

From Windows Server 2003, there's built-in Disk Management tool. It is able to initialize new disk, create, delete, format partition, change drive letter and path.

From Windows Server 2008, new Shrink Volume and Extend Volume functions are added. With the help of new functions, you can resize partition without losing data (in most cases). However, both functions have restrictions. You can only shrink a NTFS partition to create new, or extend a NTFS partition by deleting the contiguous volume on its right side. If you want to extend a partition by shrinking another one, it is impossible with Disk Management.

Windows Server 2011/2012/2016/2019 has no improvement to Disk Management tool, the GUI and functions keep the same with Server 2008.

Disk Management in all these Server versions are able to convert disk between MBR and GPT, convert disk between basic and dynamic. But, the conversion is destructive, you have to delete all partitions in the disk before converting.

Server partitioning software overview

There are many server partition software in the market, the functions are all similar. Among them all, NIUBI Partition Editor is recommended as the best partition software for Windows Server. I'll explain the reasons in next section.

NIUBI Partition Editor is compatible with Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003 (R2) and Small Business Server 2012, 2011, 2008, 2003, as well as Home Servers. It supports local/removable hard disk with any interface, VMware/Hyper-V virtual machines, all types of hardware RAID arrays, USB flash drive and memory cards. This server partition software helps change size of allocated partition without losing data, optimize system, copy, convert, wipe, etc. to manage disk partitions with ease.

After installing this partition software in any server, you'll see the main window with 5 sections.

NIUBI Partition Editor

  1. All single partitions with detailed parameters.
  2. All physical disk and RAID array with graphical partition structure.
  3. Available operations to a selected disk or partition. (Unavailable options are hidden automatically to keep interface clean.)
  4. Pending Operations, all operations you do won't be done immediately, instead, they'll be listed there as pending.
  5. Cancel, redo or apply the pending operations.

Why NIUBI is the best partition software for Windows Server

1: Virtual Mode

When you modify disk partition, you may do something wrong. To avoid mistake, NIUBI Partition Editor is designed to work in its own virtual mode.

The operations you do won't be executed immediately, instead, they'll be listed as pending for preview on bottom left. If you find any unwanted operations, simply click Undo on top left to cancel. Real disk partition won't be changed until you click Apply button to confirm.

Video guide

2: Cancel-at-well

When you resizing disk partition, other server partition manager don't allow you canceling the ongoing operation even if you did something wrong. Because the cancellation causes part of the parameters unable to be modified, then damage occur.

Thanks to the unique Cancel-at-well technology, while running NIUBI you can cancel the ongoing operations at any progress without losing data.

Video guide

3: 1 Second Rollback

What is most important to a server? Data! The server partition software is useless if it cause data loss, no matter how many features it has or how beautiful it looks like. In fact, there is indeed potential system damage and data loss risk when you resizing disk drives with partition software.

When you resize or modify disk partition, the parameters of associated disk, partition and files must be updated absolutely correct. If some software error or hardware issue occur, part of the parameters cannot be updated. In that case, your system, partition will be damaged, files will be lost.

Better that other server partitioning software, NIUBI Partition Editor provides unique 1-Second Rollback technology to protect system and data. If anything goes wrong, it reverts the server to original status automatically and rapidly like nothing happens.

Video guide

4: Hot Resize

To a server administrator, one of the most important task is managing hard disk drive without server offline. NIUBI Partition Editor provides Hot-Resize technology to help shrink and extend partitions without rebooting server. However, there is precondition: close the running applications and opening files/folders in the partition that you want to shrink/move before starting NIUBI.

The pending operations that marked as Check mark can be done in Windows on the fly and the ones marked as Reboot should be reboot to complete. If you find any operations that require rebooting, you may close NIUBI, close the applications or files/folder, and then restart NIUBI to repeat.

5: Much Faster

When you shrink D to extend C drive, the start position of drive D is changed, so all files in this drive should be moved to new locations. It costs much time especially when there are large amount of files in this drive. A good algorithm is helpful to reduce time. Thanks to the unique file-moving algorithm, NIUBI Partition Editor is 30% to 300% faster than ANY other server partition software. The speed is important especially when the operations require server rebooting.

6: Easy to Use

You just need to click, drag and drop on the disk map to modify disk partitions, anyone can use this disk partition software for Windows Server very well without help. For example, watch the video how to resize partition on Windows Server 2019:

Video Server 2019

Download server partition software

Because of its data protection and fast resizing/moving ability, powerful features and easy to use, NIUBI Partition Editor is recommended as the best Windows server partition software by many professionals and editors. There are 3 editions to server users.

Server Edition

Designed for small companies and organizations, 1 license code can be registered on 1 or 2 servers (same price).


Enterprise Edition

Designed for medium and larger companies, 1 license can be registered on unlimited servers regardless of locations.


Technician Edition

Designed for technical consultants and technicians, 1 license can be used to provide profitable service to unlimited companies and individuals.