C drive is full

Windows Server 2008 C drive full solution

Many Windows 2008 servers have running several years, the disk when installing Operating System is small. The price of hard disk and other devices are much cheaper now, so you may have replaced with larger disk or RAID array. However, many server administrators still feedback that the system C: drive is getting almost full. It is easy to understand, Windows Updates, applications and many other kinds of files write into C drive continuously, so C drive becomes full sooner or later.

C drive is full

When C drive is full in Windows Server 2008, you have two choices: free up disk space with Windows Disk Cleanup and enlarge C drive with partition software. Disk Cleanup can help you delete some unnecessary files to reuse disk space, but generally speaking, you cannot reclaim large amount of space, so C drive maybe full again in a short time. Disk Cleanup is a good monthly maintenance utility, but it cannot fix C drive full issue completely.

To completely solve the problem of C drive full in Server 2008, the best solution is increasing C drive space. As long as there is free space in other volumes in the same disk, you can transfer the free space into C drive with partition software such as NIUBI Partition Editor. You just need to click and drag on the program, everything keeps the same without doing any other operations.

How to fix C drive full in Server 2008

Download NIUBI Partition Editor, there are 4 drives C, D, E and F in Disk 0. You’ll see detailed info of each drive on the top.

Main window

1. Right click drive D and select Resize/Move Volume, in the pop-up window, you’ll see the same partition layout on the bottom. Drag left border of D rightwards on the top to shrink it. You may also input the amount of space directly in the box (1024MB=1GB)

Shrink D

10GB Unallocated space is generated on the left side of drive D.

Unallocated space

2. Right click C drive and select Resize/Move Volume again.

Enlarge C

In the pop-up window, drag the right border rightwards.

Drag to extend

10GB Unallocated space will be combined to C drive.

Combine Unallocated

Click OK and the program will back to the main window. The shrinking and extending operations are listed as pending on bottom left, you can undo and redo any step. If you want to do like this, click Apply to execute modification to the disk drives.

C drive extended

After clicking Apply and confirm, you’ll see the ongoing operation and progress.


In a short time, C drive is increased.

C drive increased

In Summary

When system C drive is getting full in Windows Server 2008, try to fix as fast as possible, otherwise you’ll suffer from server performance down. Server could stuck, reboot unexpectedly, or even crash if C drive is almost full. To fix Server 2008 C drive full issue, extend it as large as possible with the free space in other volumes. Run Windows Disk Cleanup as monthly optimization utility.

Besides extending C drive, NIUBI Partition Editor can create, delete, format, merge, convert, defrag, wipe, repair, scan partition, etc. More about this partition software.

Solution of Windows Server 2008 C drive getting full.
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