Windows 7 Disk Cleanup utility

No matter you use Windows 7 laptop or desktop, use Solid-State Drive (SSD) or traditional mechanical hard disk, you’ll encounter the problem that system C drive is running out of space. In this situation, you can free up disk to get more free space. To do this, Windows 7 native Disk Cleanup is a good utility.

In this article, I’ll show you how to start and use Windows 7 Disk Cleanup to free up disk space. In addition, I’ll show you how to expand C drive to get plenty of free space.

Disk cleanup Win7

What is Windows 7 Disk Cleanup?

Disk Cleanup is a Microsoft built-in utility that first integrated with Windows 98 and included in all subsequent Windows versions. It allows users to remove the junk files that are no longer needed and can be deleted safely. There are a number of different file categories that Disk Cleanup can analyze and clear up. Removing unnecessary junk files can help to speed up and improve the performance of the computer.

Windows 7 Disk Cleanup is enabled by default, the GUI and steps are similar with other Windows versions. Disk Cleanup in Windows Server 2012 and some versions of Windows Server 2008 are not enabled, so you need to install by yourself.

How to start Disk Cleanup in Windows 7?

There are several ways to launch Windows 7 Disk Cleanup.

Option 1:

  1. Click  on bottom left to open Start menu.
  2. Click on Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup.

Option 2:

  1. Press Windows and R on keyboard to open Run.
  2. Type cleanmgr and press Enter.

Run cleanmgr

Disk cleanup

Once Disk Cleanup opens, the initial window will ask you which drive you want to clean up. Select the appropriate drive and click OK.

Select drive

Option 3:

  1. Press Windows and E on keyboard to open File Explorer, right click C drive (or other drive) and click Properties.
  2. Click Disk Cleanup button.

Disk Cleanup

Windows 7 Disk Cleanup will calculate how much space you’ll be able to clear up. This process can last for a few seconds to a few minutes. In general, the more cluttered your disk, the longer it will take to scan.

Scan files

How to run Disk Cleanup in Windows 7?

Actually, it is very easy to free up disk space in Windows 7 with Disk Cleanup.

Step 1: Select the files you want to delete and click OK to proceed.

Highlight each option you can see which files this category includes, and what exactly you will be deleting. (Make sure that you’ve clicked the check-boxes for each of the files that you want to clear up.)

Select files

Step 2: Click Delete Files to confirm and begin deleting.

Confirm deleting

Windows 7 Disk Cleanup is clearing up unnecessary files, the time is depending on how much files you selected. This disk cleanup window will disappear when it complete.

Cleaning up

Step 3: Restart Disk Cleanup, click Clean up system files to repeat.

Clean up system files

Step 4: Select files and click OK. Some different types of files can be deleted.

Select system files

Additional step to Disk Cleanup

Windows 7 Disk Cleanup is easy and safe to clear up junk files to reclaim disk space. It is very useful to the computers that never or have not clean up disk for a long time. You may regain several to over 10GB disk space. However, it is not enough. New junk files are generated every day and the free space will be eaten up in a short time. You’d better extend C drive as large as possible.

With professional disk partition software, you can shrink other volumes and transfer free space to C drive without reinstalling Operating System or programs. As the safest Windows partition manager, NIUBI Partition Editor has unique 1 Second Rollback technology to ensure system and data intact. Everything keeps the same after resizing disk partition.

Download NIUBI Partition Editor and follow the steps in the video:

In Summary

When system C drive is getting full in Windows 7, Disk Cleanup is a good utility to free up disk space. However, it cannot reclaim plenty of free space, so you’d better extend C drive with free space in other drives. To do this, NIUBI Partition Editor can help you safely and easily. Expand C drive as large as possible, and run Windows 7 Disk Cleanup monthly to delete new generated junk files.