C drive full Windows 7

C drive is full or running out of space in Windows 7

The issue that C drive is running out of space and becomes full is most common in Windows 7 both 32 and 64 bit. It is annoying, because many people do not know why and how to fix this issue. Some people succeeded reusing disk space but C drive is full again in a short time. In this article I’ll introduce the possible reasons why C drive runs out of space and how to fix C drive full issue on Windows 7 in simple way.

The symptom of C drive full in Windows 7

If C drive is running low on disk space, when you open Windows Explorer or My Computer, C drive will be shown red instead of default blue, for example:

C drive full Windows 7

Windows pop up an alert of ‘Low Disk Spacefrom the right side of your Windows taskbar with warning message: ‘You are running very low on disk space on OS (C:), To free space on this drive by deleting old or unnecessary files, click here’.

Low Disk Space

You’d better fix C drive full issue as fast as possible, otherwise, you’ll suffer from computer performance down. Your Windows 7 system runs much slower, stuck, reboot unexpectedly or even crash. Before giving specific solution, I suggest you read more about why C drive runs out of space.

Why C drive is running out of space

There could be many reasons, but the most common reasons include:

1. C drive shows full but it is not

It is a possible reason, but few people have such experience. Only one of my readers feedback such issue caused by virus, try to scan your disk with antivirus software if you think the disk space shows incorrectly.

2. C drive shows full but many folders seem empty

Many people feedback such experience: they try to check the files and folders in C drive and found many ’empty’ folders that occupied much disk space. In this situation, change the folder option to show hidden files.

In any folder of Windows Explorer, click Organize on top left corner and then click Folder and search options:
Folder option

Switch to View tab, select ‘Show hidden files, folders, and drives’.
Show hidden files

3. C drive is filling up with files

This is the most common reason why C drive becomes full. Windows Updates, 3rd-party programs and many other types of files write into C drive every day, of course it runs out of space sooner or later, no matter how big it is.

How to fix C drive full issue

To completely solve C: drive full issue in Windows 7, 3 steps you should do, otherwise, you may encounter this problem again in near future.

Step 1. Increase C drive space

All disk partitions are created while installing Operating System or by OEM manufacturers, but you can change partition size with partition software without reinstalling. As long as there is free space in any other drives, you can transfer into C drive, so there will be plenty of free space in C drive. This step is very important to the computers that C drive are created small.

However, not all partition software can accomplish this task well. There is data loss and system damage risk if you use some unreliable partition software. Equipped with unique and innovative 1 Second Rollback technology, NIUBI Partition Editor can ensure system and data intact while resizing disk partitions. If any software or hardware issue occur, it roll back to original status automatically and rapidly. It is the safest and fastest partition software in the market.

Download NIUBI Partition Editor and follow the step in the video to resize partition and increase C drive space in Windows 7.

Step 2. Reclaim disk space

In system C drive, there are many unnecessary files that can be deleted such as temporary files, cache, files in Recycle Bin. You can reclaim disk space by deleting these files. To to this, you may either use 3rd-party optimization software or Windows 7 built-in Disk Cleanup. I always suggest Windows Disk Cleanup utility, because it is safe, fast and able to clear up many types of unnecessary files.

How to clean up to reclaim disk space:

  1. Right click C drive and click Properties:Free up space
  2. Click Disk CleanupWindows 7 Disk Cleanup
  3. Select the files you want to delete and click OK to proceed.Select files
  4. Clean up system files in the same window. To get more free space, you may switch to More Options tab, where you can clean up installed programs and System Restore points.Clean up space

More about free up disk space in Windows 7.

Step 3. Change the way running your computer

After above 2 steps, you can solve Windows 7 C drive full issue, but I still suggest you consider the options below:

  1. Install new programs to another separate partition such as D.
  2. Change the default file output location to other large partitions, especially for the program for pictures, videos, games, projects, etc.
  3. Expand C drive as large as possible. If the hard disk is small, consider replace it with a larger one.
  4. Free up space with Windows 7 Disk Cleanup every month.


When C drive is getting full in Windows, expand it as large as possible, clean up to reclaim disk space, transfer the files that you need to other drives, delete the new generated unnecessary files with Disk Cleanup once a month. This is the right strategy and complete solution to fix C drive full issue in Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit).

C drive is full or running out of space in Windows 7
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