Resize raid partition

How to Resize RAID Partition on Windows Server?

Do you come across the issue that the system partition C: drive is running out of space on the RAID Array? In this situation, the best solution is resizing raid partition rather than recreating RAID array. In this article I’ll introduce how to resize RAID partition such as RAID 0, RAID 1, and RAID 5 on Windows Server 2016/2012/2008/2003 (R2). Resize RAID volume easily and 100% safe.

Short introduction of RAID

Generally speaking, RAID array we mentioned is hardware RAID, which stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks, or sometimes alternatively Redundant Array of Independent Disk – is a technology that employs the simultaneous use of two or more hard disk drives to achieve greater levels of performance, reliability, and/or larger data volume sizes. It is used for computer data storage schemes that can divide and replicate data among multiple hard disk drives. Two major design goals of RAID are: increased data reliability and increased input/output performance.

Some people call dynamic volumes as software RAID, if you cannot tell from the difference, please refer hardware RAID VS software RAID.

There are many types of hardware RAID arrays and among them, RAID 0, RAID 1, and RAID 5 are the most commonly used, and cover most requirements.

Low disk space on RAID

Hardware RAID array has many advantages than single hard disk, however, the same with physical hard disk, you’ll see disk space usage issue on RAID. After searching by Google or in many forums, you’ll find that so many people encountered the problem that on the RAID C drive becomes full and need to resize RAID partition, for example:

  • I have a Dell Poweredge 4300 that I setup using a RAID 5 config. The C:\ drive has little space left (<750Mb) and I would like to find something that can successfully re-size raid 5 partition without losing data as this is a production server.
  • I have a Windows 2008 server with a single raid 1. System partition C is running out of space and low disk space warning jumped out. Is there any way to resize partition on raid 1 without reformatting or loss data?
  • I added another 500GB drive to my raid 5 array and did an online expansion so I have space free now on the array. How do I just resize my partition now to use this additional space?

Resize RAID partition with safe partition software

Generally speaking, RAID is configured with Windows Server, so to resize RAID partition on Windows Server you should take care. If system partition is out of space but there is free space on other partitions, you can simply shrink other virtual partitions and then extend the system C drive with server partition software.


  • Don’t break array when resizing RAID partition on Windows Server, just operate like resizing partition on physical hard disk.
  • If you need to add new disk before resizing RAID partition, make sure the RAID controller has the ability to re-configure RAID without data loss.
  • Select reliable and safety program to resize Windows Server partition.

It costs long time to restore and back everything to normal even if you have backup. Besides data safety, time is also important to a server. Here I recommend NIUBI Partition Editor, which is most popular and highly recommended by professional editors such as SOFTPEDIA, CNET and PCWORD.

The main reason include:

  • It is the only program that can ensure 100% data safety while resizing partition. Its Roll-Back technology can roll back the server to the right status before resizing automatically and in a flash, if any software error or hardware issue (including power failure) occurred while resizing partition.
  • The unique file-moving algorithm helps resize partition at least 30% faster than any other tools.

How to resize raid volume on Windows Server

Simply Download the server partition manager and follow the steps in the video. (This video is built on Server 2012, the steps are the same to resize raid partition on other Windows Server.)

If you mange many servers, Partition Editor Enterprise Edition is the best choice, one license of which can be installed on unlimited Serves and PCs in a company to save time and cost.

If you are a IT tech service provider, Partition Editor Technician Edition can be used to provide profitable service to unlimited companies and individuals.