Free Partition Manager for Windows 10

Updated on: May 17, 2019

This article introduces native and 3rd party free partition manager for Windows 10 (32 & 64 bit), the ability and comparison.

Many people have installed or upgraded to Windows 10. To reallocate partition space and maximum disk performance, you need disk partition manager no matter you use traditional mechanical disk, SSD or even RAID arrays. There are two types of free partition manager for Windows 10.

If you just want to create, delete, format partition, Windows 10 has built-in Disk Management utility to help you. If you want to do some advanced operations such as resize, move, merge, copy, convert, defrag, wipe, hide partition, etc. you need third party free partition manager such as NIUBI Partition Editor Free.

Typical disk issue on Windows 10:

Windows 10 native Disk Management

Windows 10 Disk Management utility can create, delete, format partition, set Active and change drive letter. For advanced users, you may change size of allocated partitions with Shrink Volume and Extend Volume functions.

However, if you want to expand C drive by shrinking D, it is impossible, because Unallocated space shrank from D is not behind C drive, so Extend Volume is greyed out for C drive. If you want to do this, 3rd-party partition software is needed.

To open Disk Management: press Windows and X on keyboard and then select from the list.

Disk manager

3rd party free partition manager

As the most popular free partition manager for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP (32 & 64bit), NIUBI Partition Editor Free provides basic partition management to create, delete, format partition, change drive letter, etc.

Advanced management to resize, move, merge partitions without data loss, clone disk partition to migrate OS and data, hide, set active, convert, defrag, check partition and much more.

Download NIUBI and you'll see 4 blocks in the main window.

Partition Editor Free

  1. Disk model and single partitions with detailed parameters such as Capacity, Free space, File System, Type and Status.
  2. All hard disks with partition structure.
  3. Available operations to selected disk or partition, unavailable operations are hidden automatically.
  4. Refresh disk partition info, undo to cancel pending operations, redo to repeat, or click Apply to modify real disk partitions.

To operate, you just need to click, drag and drop in the pop-up windows. If you do not understand how to use, simply click the link on top menu bar to open online manual.

Ability and comparison

Comparing Windows 10 Disk Management, NIUBI Partition Editor can do much more operations.

To Unallocated space:

  • Create one or more volumes
  • Wipe data in it
  • Surface test (scan bad sectors)
  • View properties (detailed parameters)

To whole disk:

  • Initialize
  • Change status to offline or online
  • Set read-only attribute
  • Wipe disk (cannot be recovered)
  • Surface test
  • View properties
  • Clone disk to migrate data and OS
  • Convert MBR disk to GPT
  • Delete all partitions
  • Cleanup disk

To single partition:

  • Resize volume (shrink and extend)
  • Move location
  • Merge two adjacent volumes by 1 step
  • Copy to Unallocated space
  • Convert to Logical or Primary partition
  • Convert NTFS to FAT32
  • Change drive letter (such as D:)
  • Change label (add a name or modify)
  • Set as Active
  • Check file system integrity
  • Defrag to improve performance
  • Hide from File Explorer
  • Delete (files can be recovered)
  • Format volume to use as new
  • Wipe (erase data permanently)
  • Surface test
  • Explore (view files/folders with directory)
  • View properties

There are other free partition software in the market, the GUI and functions are similar, but better than other software including commercial version, NIUBI Partition Editor Free is safer and faster because of some unique technologies, for example:

Download free partition manager

Unlike other free disk partition manager that lock some features or bundle plugins, NIUBI Partition Editor is 100% free and clean. In addition, it has free and fast 24/7 live chat support.