C drive out of space

Increase C drive space on Windows Server 2012

It is most important for every administrator to keep server running online smoothly, so nobody likes to make any changes except have to. However, almost all of the administrators will face to the annoying problem that system C drive is running out of space, no matter you use traditional mechanical disk, SSD or RAID array for Operating System. The smaller C drive, the higher probability.

C drive out of space

To solve this problem, there are several choices such as:

  1. Back up system and data, delete all disk drives, recreate larger C drive, finally restore everything.
  2. Resize volumes and increase C drive free space with partition software.

The first option is suggested by some server OEM manufacturers. It may cost several hours to a whole day if you do like this. Besides time-consuming, server is offline during this period. That means, your customers cannot be connected, your products or services cannot be sold for such as long time.

Increasing C drive space is much easier and faster, and in some cases partition resizing can be done in Windows without interruption. However, there is system and/or data damage risk while using some partition software, and this is the reason why the OEM manufacturers won’t give you this solution.

Use safe tool to increase C drive space

It seems to be headache, right? The low disk space issue should be fixed as fast as possible, but it is time-consuming to start from scratch, it also cost a long time to restore if the partition software cause damage to the server. What to do? Select a safe and reliable program to increase C drive free space!

As the safest partition software in the market, NIUBI Partition Editor brings unique and innovative 1 Second Rollback technology. It generates a snapshot of the disk partitions after running, monitoring during the whole process. If it detects any software error or hardware issue, it automatically roll back to original status in ONE second. That means, all data are protected, the server could recover and back online without damage in a short time.

How to increase C drive on Server 2012?

Download NIUBI Partition Editor, right click the adjacent drive D and select Resize/Move Volume.

Resize Volume

In the pop-up window, drag the left border rightwards to shrink it.

Shrink D drive

Unallocated space is generated behind C: drive. (If you drag right border leftwards, Unallocated space will be generated behind D)

Unallocated space createdRight click C: drive and select Resize/Move Volume again, drag the right border rightwards to combine the Unallocated space in the pop-up window.

Increase C drive

C drive is increased by merging the Unallocated space, which is part of free space in D, click Apply on top left to execute, done.

C drive extended


  1. The operations you do will be listed as pending on bottom left, to modify physical disk drives, you should click Apply to confirm.
  2. All pending operations with  can be done without rebooting server.
  3. If there is not enough free space in the adjacent drive D, you can get free space from any other volumes in the same disk to increase C drive space.

Besides 1 Second Rollback protection technology, virtual mode and Hot Resize technology, this server partition software is at least 30% faster than other tools, saving much time especially when there are large amount of files in the partitions. More about NIUBI Partition EditorDownload to try

How to increase c drive space on Windows Server 2012?
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