Partition Magic software for Server 2008 and R2

Better than Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 added shrink and extend volume feature, which can be used to change partition size online, however, you still cannot extend system C: drive by shrinking D, so 3rd party partition software is better choice to resize Server 2008 partitions. When talking about resizing partitions, many people know the famous partitioning utility – Norton Partition Magic. Yes, this is a great program that is able to resize partitions without losing data. Norton Partition Magic for Server 2008? Partition Magic is first released by PowerQuest and then the ownership was transferred to Symantec. It seems that Symantec just want to get the technology of backup and recovery, so it doesn't provide a updated Partition Magic for Server 2008 or 2003. In technical forums, many people feedback partition magic cannot be installed in Windows Server. Just forget Partition Magic, because it isn't compatible with Windows … Continue reading

How to resize raid 5 partitions

Several days ago I wrote an article about how to resize raid1 partition, many people ask me what about RAID 5, how to resize raid 5 virtual partitions, so today I want to talk about reszing raid5 partitions. In fact, it is similar to resize raid 5 and raid 1 virtual drives. Please note, raid 5 here is hardware raid 5. Most important step when resizing raid5 partition The reason why people think it is hard to resize a raid 5 partition is because they don't know whether it is required to break the raid array, resize partitions directly or work with raid controller. When resizing raid 5 partitions, don't break the raid array, open the disk management and find out the disk partition layout. From the screen shot of my test server, there are 2 disks. Actually, Disk 0 is a raid 1 array and Disk 1 is a … Continue reading

Free up space in Windows Server 2003

"Low Disk Space" is common disk space usage problem in Windows Server 2003 all editions, many people don't know how to remove low disk space warning or fix this issue, so in this article, I want to give some hints maybe a "complete solution". Windows Server 2003 low disk space Windows created the "Low Disk Space" warning to alert computer users when their hard drive is running low on available disk space. It also gives you a shortcut to free space by deleting old or unnecessary files. When the system C: drive running out of disk space, it causes many problems, such as: You cannot install Windows update and expose the server to dangerous situation. No free space to install server services or applications. Server reboot unexpectedly. System crash when free space is extremely low. You'd better fix this problem as fast as possible, otherwise, you'll loss vital files and … Continue reading

How to resize partition in Windows Server 2003

When talking about resizing partitions, many people know the famous program – Partition Magic, which is the first partitioning software. However, this program isn't compatible with Windows Server 2003, 2008. In technical forums, many people feedback failed to install it to Server 2003. To resize partition in Windows 2003 Server, some people try to create partition magic bootable CD, don't do that, because system compatibility is part of an application, partition resizing involves file system and the technology to move files. It is very likely to cause system boot failure or data loss if you resize server 2003 partition with Partition Magic boot CD. Just forget Partition Magic, besides the limitations, Symantec even abandoned this famous program with a statement on their website saying they no longer offer Norton Partition Magic. In this page, I'll introduce another server partition software, which is similar with Partition Magic but much more powerful. … Continue reading

How to resize raid 1 partition

It is a headache for many people who want to resize raid partitions, because RAID array is different with a single hard disk drive. Hardware RAID 1 array is create by two physical hard disk drives with full or part of the disk space, so a RAID partition often called as "virtual" drive. The same with single disk drive, raid virtual drives also runs out of space, especially for system C: drive, because RAID 1 "waste" space of a disk, it is used to install Operating System for fast boot recovery. When low disk space problem occurs, it cannot be better to resize the raid1 partitions, because this is the fastest and easiest way, who can bear wasting days to start from scratch? Then how to resize raid 1 partition? To most of the people who want to resize raid1 partitions, there is a "query" and "worry": Should I break … Continue reading