Win7 Extend Volume grayed out

How to fix Extend Volume grayed out/disabled in Windows 7?

A hard drive is used to store all kinds of files, to organize the files you need a Operating System such as Windows 7. To locate and use the files easier, you’d better create several partitions for different kinds of files. However, the partitions in a small traditional hard drive or Solid State Drive (SSD) are very likely to run out of space, especially for system volume. Originally, you have to start over to recreate disk volumes, but in Windows 7, you can resize partition directly. The advanced functionality of Shrink Volume and Extend Volume that inherited from Windows Vista can help you. However, many people feedback they have problem using these functionality: Extend Volume is grayed out, so they cannot expand a partition.

Win7 Extend Volume grayed out

In this article I’ll explain why Extend Volume is greyed out in Windows 7 and show you what to do when Extend Volume is disabled after shrinking D. Use free partition manager to move the Unallocated space and then Extend Volume will be available.

Why Windows 7 Extend Volume is greyed out

In short, to expand a drive with Extend Volume, there must be adjacent Unallocated space that is on the right side, otherwise, Extend Volume is disabled. There are 3 typical scenarios of Extend Volume grayed out in Windows 7 and I’ll show you one by one.

Scenario 1 – no Unallocated space

To extend a volume, there should be Unallocated space, or you should shrink other volume to release free space, otherwise, how could you get extra disk space? Some people do not know about this, simply open Disk Management and try to right click directly, of course Extend Volume is disabled:

Extend volume disabled

Scenario 2 – the most common

Many people shrank the adjacent volume D:

Shrank D

Got Unallocated space:

Shrank D

However, Extend Volume is still grayed out when right clicking C drive:

Extend volume greyed out

In this situation, you just need to move volume D rightwards with free partition software and then this problem can be solved. However, some people don’t like to use 3rd-party software and try to delete volume D to get adjacent Unallocated space, but failed.

Scenario 3 – the special

Note: if the adjacent volume D is Primary partition, there is no such issue. (if your drive D is Logical Partition, you can convert it to Primary with NIUBI Partition Editor)

Delete volume D:

Delete volume D

but Extend Volume is still grayed out:

Extend volume gray

In this situation, to convert the 40GB Free space to Unallocated, you have to delete drive E as well.

Delete E

Extend Volume is greyed out, too.

Extend volume disabled

You have to delete the entire Extended partition:

Delete Extended partition

Now, when you right click C drive, Extend Volume is available:

Extend Volume available

Extend C drive by deleting all other volumes? Of course it is a BAD idea. As I said above, you just need to move volume D rightwards and then the Unallocated space will be behind C drive.

How to move partition to fix Extend Volume grayed out

Let’s back to the status after shrinking D:

Status shrinking D

DownloadNIUBI Partition Editor Free and you’ll see the disk partition properties as well as the available functionalities.

NIUBI Partition Editor

Right click volume D and select Resize/Move Volume, in the pop-up window, drag middle position rightwards to move it.

Move volume

The 10GB Unallocated space will be moved to behind C drive.

Unallocated moved

Now, you can extend C drive with Window 7 Disk Management or this free partition managerLearn More

How to fix Extend Volume grayed out in Windows 7?
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