Add space to C

How to transfer/move free space from d to c in Windows 10?

Move/transfer free space from D to C in Windows 10 Many Windows 10 users feedback the similar issue that C drive is full even if they create it as large as 50GB. It is easy to understand, many types of … Read More

Increase partition size

How to repartition hard drive in Windows 10 32/64 bit?

Repartition hard disk drive on Windows 10 No matter you use Windows laptop or desktop, you should manage disk partitions regularly, for example: shrink a drive to extend other one that is running low on disk space, merge two small … Read More

Increase partition size Windows 10

How to increase partition size in Windows 10 without reinstalling?

How to increase partition size in Windows 10 All disk partitions are allocated while installing Windows Operating System, but some drives may become full especially for system C: drive and the drives for backup, videos and projects. To data volumes, … Read More

Increase partition size

How to change partition size on Windows 10 without data loss?

This page introduces how to change partition size in Windows 10 (32 & 64 bit). To change Windows 10 partition size, built-in Disk Management has many limitations, so professional partition software is better choice. NIUBI Partition Editor can resize Windows 10 partition fast and safely. … Read More

Extend C drive

How to add unallocated or free space to c drive in Windows 10?

Add space to C drive in Windows 10 without data loss Windows Updates, programs and related data, browser generated files and many other kinds of files write into C drive continuously, so C drive runs out of space sooner or … Read More

Unable to extend C

Cannot/unable to extend c drive in Windows 10, how to fix?

Cannot/unable to extend C drive in Windows 10 Microsoft adds new Shrink Volume and Extend Volume functionalities in Windows Vista Disk Management, which can be used to decrease and increase size of partitioned drives. Windows 10 inherited these functionalities, so … Read More

Increase C drive space

How to increase c drive space in Windows 10?

Increase C drive space in Windows 10 This article introduces how to increase C drive free space in Windows 10 without formatting or reinstalling OS. Increase system C drive space from D, E or any other volumes. No matter you … Read More

Merge C and D drive

How to merge/combine c and d drive in Windows 10?

Merge C and D or E drive in Windows 10 This article introduces how to combine C: and D: drive in Windows 10 (32/64 bit) without losing data. With disk partition software, you can resize and merge C, D, E … Read More