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What to do when no free space in C: drive?

No matter you are using a server, desktop, laptop, iPhone or other cellphones, you’ll find the bad truth that the free space becomes less and less. In this article, I don’t want to talk about cellphone or other devices, just the computer, what to do when no free space in C drive in Windows computers.

As we know, hard disk drive is the requisite component in a computer, which is used to store both Operating System and data files. For different purpose, people may connect only one or many hard disk drives to a computer, in addition, they may divide a hard disk into one or many small partitions. Unfortunately, most of the people face to the bad problem – no free disk space left in either system C: drive or a data volume.

The system c drive is most likely running out of space, because the computer has a small c drive of factory settings. Even if you build the computer DIY, you won’t create a very large disk partition for operating system, because it just consume several gigabytes. I have heard many times the computer users complain that “I have no free disk space left on my C drive’.

It is annoying when there is no free space left in c, because Windows pops up an alert ‘You are running out of space’ endless. When you updating Windows for fatal threats, you get a message that the update failed due to no free disk space, you cannot install applications, either. The worst, system stuck or crash.

How to find out the amount of free space?

For old Windows versions, such as Windows XP, Server 2003, open ‘My Computer’, right click C drive and select ‘Properties’.

No disk space

For Windows 7 and Vista, you’ll see remaining free space after opening ‘My Computer’ (or press Windows icon & E directly on keyboard).

Free spaceIf there is few free space left on C drive or any data partitions, these drives will be marked as red in Windows Server 2012 and later editions.

Win 7To find out detailed info of every disk partitions, I suggest open Disk Management.

Disk management

What to do when no free space in C drive?

Generally speaking, there are two choices: free up disk space and expand C drive.

By freeing up space with Windows built-in or 3rd-party software, you can reclaim disk space. It is very useful especially for the computer that never did this. To free up disk space, I suggest use Windows built-in Disk Cleanup, because it is safe and fast, it is also able to delete many kinds of unused files. Visit the links for detailed steps:

However, it is not the 1stop solution, you cannot reclaim large amount of free space in some computers, especially the ones that created C drive too small. In this situation, you’d better expand C drive.

Expand C drive to increase free space

In most of the computers, C drive is full but there is plenty of free space in D or other volumes. So you can transfer the free space into C drive with professional partition software, such as NIUBI Partition Editor.

Watch the video how to expand C drive: (full screen is recommended)

Pay attention to data safety

Data is most important to both personal computer and a server. It is easy and fast to resize partition and expand C drive, but not every tool can finish this task well. An unreliable partition software is likely to cause system failure, partition damage and data loss. To resize partitions, I always recommend NIUBI Partition Editor, why?

The built-in Roll-Back protection technology is able to roll back the computer to the status before resizing in a flash, if any software or hardware issue occurred during resizing, so Operating System and data always keep intact. It is the only program that can ensure 100% data safety.

Besides, the unique file-moving algorithm helps resize partition 30% -300% faster than any other tools, which is strictly tested.

If you use Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, simply download the free edition, 100% safe and clean.

In Summary

When there is no free space left in C: drive, try to free up space with Windows Cleanup utility. If it cannot reclaim plenty of free space or C drive was created too small, expand C drive to increase free space with NIUBI Partition Editor.